Vaultek DS2i Smart Station Safe


Introducing the DS2i Smart Station, a rugged quick access smart safe from Vaultek’s innovative lineup. Packed with modern upgrades, it features a top-mounted wireless charging pad, USB/USB-C accessory charging ports, and a customizable LED display. Engineered for swift, secure access to your valuables, it boasts a robust 14-gauge steel housing with anti-theft protection.

Equipped with an anti-impact latch, anti-pry construction, and a steel security cable mount for tethering, the Smart Station embodies Vaultek’s commitment to strength and durability. Gain quick authorized access via the high-resolution biometric scanner, auto-illuminating keypad, Nano Key 2.0 technology, or backup manual keys (Nano Key 2.0 sold separately).

With smart connectivity, manage safe settings from your smartphone using the Vaultek Bluetooth app. Monitor power levels, view safe history, detect tampering, and customize safe preferences—all from the convenience of your mobile device when in Bluetooth range.

Combining these cutting-edge features with Vaultek’s renowned fit and finish, the Smart Station represents the pinnacle of smart safe technology. Experience the next generation of secure storage with the Vaultek Smart Station.